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Dartboards for all users!
Do you have a preference in bristle dartboards, electronic or soft tip dartboards or the Widdy Dartboard? Bristle dartboards have a self healing effect that will make your new purchase a long lasting purchase for your entertainment room. The electronic or soft tip dartboards give you the variety of various programmed games. Gebhardts has your preference. And then comes are most popular – the Widdy Dartboard. Specially crafted in two variations. Come in and see the difference!

We have darts for the amateur to the professional!
Darts have four important parts – the point, barrel, shaft and flight. We have the perfect dart and dart parts that will give you the perfect throw, air resistance and gravity affect. Gebhardts staff will discuss the materials, weights and grips available.

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Dartboard cabinets that suit your room, your needs and your preference!
Yes, we have the official Widdy green scoreframe and custom made wood cabinets with lights. We have Olhausen cabinets that will match your pool table. We even have cabinets in different stains and sizes that fit English boards. And, for the sports enthusiast, Gebhardts sell sports teams such as NFL, MLB and NBA and certain college logo cabinet sets and dart boards. Come visit our showroom.

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